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Welcome to the AfraidToAsk Board
The A2A board is here for discussion of topics that we all think about, but are often afraid to address. We encourage uncensored and open dialog, but keep in mind that tolerance of other opinions, viewpoints, and lifestyles is what A2A is all about.

We will keep all information confidential unless we feel you are a danger to yourself or others, or if served a subpoena by law enforcement.

General & Archive
General & Archive
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An Archive of popular posts, amusing and informative.
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Re: Taking a break&#82...
(damien) - 03/23/06 07:59 PM
Community Forum
Community Forum for general chitchat and getting to know each other.
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Re: New to the forum!!
(readytogo) - 12/29/13 08:04 AM
Registration/Membership Problems
Need help with joining Forgotten password or other problems?
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Re: Delete account.
(Ineligible) - 03/24/13 04:21 AM
Life & Health
Life & Health
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Discussions, advice and support for Smoking, Alcohol, drugs and other types of addictive substances.
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Re: Cigarette question
(MikeAndreson) - 09/19/13 04:44 AM
Discussion on the diagnosis and treatment of depression.
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Re: I make myself depresse...
(readytogo) - 12/29/13 01:50 PM
Health, Fitness and Diet (1 viewing)
Health and Fitness, getting fit, loosing/gaining weight and dietary requirements.
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Re: Boxing//
(mbetter95) - 11/07/13 06:44 AM
Teen Life & Health
Topics for teens such as stress, friend and family troubles, puberty, etc.
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Re: Voice changing?
(Blazing Dusk) - 12/29/13 01:12 AM
Relationships (2 viewing)
Questions, comments, and ideas about how we all get along with eachother.
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Re: Lost 'N Confused
(lostnconfused) - 12/27/13 04:11 PM
Medical Problems
Medical Problems
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Discussion on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
128 832
- 12/22/13 10:42 PM
Cancer (1 viewing)
Discussion on skin cancer, other types of cancer, dysplasia, and moles.
198 1049
Re: lump above anus
(Ineligible) - 02/26/13 09:38 PM
Miscellaneous Medical Problems
Medical disorders that fall into a category not specified.
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Re: Severe Insomnia
(Ethanael) - 07/24/13 03:06 AM
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Masturbation (2 viewing)
Frank and uncensored discussion on masturbation.
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Re: best way to masterbate...
(Ineligible) - 12/28/13 02:31 AM
Sexuality, Fetishes, and Sexual Addiction
Questions, comments, and concerns about your sexuality and experiences.
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Re: Butt Licking
(Magic Man) - 12/27/13 09:57 PM
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Post your questions and comments.
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Re: Foliculitis? MC? Sebac...
(readytogo) - 12/26/13 11:07 PM
Contraception & Birth Control (4 viewing)
Frank discussion on different birth control techniques and experiences
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Re: the pill and my parent...
(readytogo) - 12/26/13 11:14 PM
Body Function
Body Function
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Male Genitalia (2 viewing)
Frank questions and discussion on the male penis and testicles.
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Re: Three pimples near my ...
(Roc) - 12/28/13 10:09 AM
Foreskin and Circumcision issues (1 viewing)
Discussions and advice on foreskin issues (i.e. stretching, circumcision, infections etc..)
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Re: 20 year old, uncircumc...
(sdp) - 12/26/13 02:16 PM
Female Genitalia
Post your questions and comments regarding the vagina and pelvis.
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Re: Uti
(readytogo) - 12/29/13 03:58 PM
The Breast
If you have questions or concerns about your breasts, this is the place.
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Re: What bra size would I ...
(readytogo) - 12/17/13 08:40 AM
Honest and open discussion on bowel movements, gas, and more.
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Re: rimming
(littlet) - 05/30/13 04:37 PM